The Acting Company of Greenwich is pleased to announce the second annual Havemeyer Playwright Competition. The 2nd Annual Havemeyer Playwright Competition, held on September 29th at the Cole Auditorium in Greenwich, was declared a huge success by both the audience and playwrights.  The audience enjoyed the nine one-act plays, chosen as finalists from nearly 300 submissions, as they laughed along with some and were moved by others.  The playwrights were thrilled to see their work performed as fully staged readings with such skill. The 14 professional actors, directed by Laurie Newkirk, did a stellar job in creating 29 different characters. The top-notch cast included Broadway and TV/Film stars, Neal Huff, Daniel Gerroll, Patricia Kalember and Brett Somers.  The evening concluded with a distinguished panel of judges selecting a winner as Best Short Play.  Albi Gorn received first prize, a Baccarat crystal award, for his play "It's About Forgiveness"

The Winners!

Many thanks to all of the playwrights for the many fine submissions!  We enjoyed reading them all and found it exceedingly difficult to arrive at our nine finalists this year. But we perservered and are thrilled by the a dynamic evening of comedy and drama.

  Play Title   Playwright
  1. It's About Forgiveness  Albi Gorn
  2. Holy Hell  Barbara Lindsay
  3. Turtle Shopping  Scott McMorrow
                Other Finalists:
  Hippo and the Wasps, The  Tom Rushen
  Inside Your Head  Mary Graham
  Magical Gifts  Bill Wellborn
  Route 3  Russell Weeks
  Two Ships  Ed Friedman
  Visit, The  Donna Sorbello

Entire Cast: Back row left to right: Broadway and Film/TV stars: Neal Huff, Patricia Kalember and Daniel Gerroll  Bottom row left to right:  Ann Kinner, Pat Larrabee, Muriel Nussbaum, Larry Schneider, Barbara Wilkov, Dan Kelly (Host), Tracy Locke, Chilton Ryan, Laurie Newkirk (Director), Brett Somers, William Armstrong, Allie Shapiro, Anna Armstrong.  Photos by Vincent Legg

Broadway and Film/TV stars Patricia Kalember and Daniel Gerroll performing in the winning play "It's About Forgiveness"

Director Laurie Newkirk presents the Award for Best Short play to Albi Gorn for his play "It's About Forgiveness"

Chilton Ryan and TV Star Brett Somers performing in the one act Magical Gifts.

We were delighted to have the irrepressible Brett Somers join us. Best known as Blanche in TV's "The Odd Couple" and, of course, as the one to match on the Match Game.

Also joining us this year were TV/Film and Broadway stars, Daniel Gerroll, Neal Huff and Patricia Kalember. Daniel Gerroll, having just come from appearing in "Enchanted April" on Broadway and a recipient of The Theatre World award is often recognized for his role in the movie "Chariots of Fire". Patricia Kalember having recently appeared in the movie "Signs" and Broadway's "The Nerd" is best known by her fans as Georgie in "Sisters" and Susannah Hart on "Thirty Something". Neal Huff has just recently been seen on Broadway in "Take Me Out" and "The Lion in Winter" and can currently be seen on the TV show "Starved".


Laurie Newkirk


Anna Armstrong
William Armstrong
Daniel Gerroll
Neal Huff
Patricia Kalember
Ann Kinner
Pat Larrabee
Tracy Locke
Muriel Nussbaum
Chilton Ryan
Larry Schneider
Allie Shapiro
Brett Somers
Barbara Wilkov


Dan Kelly


Peggi de la Cruz - President & Artistic Director, Connecticut Playmakers
Miles Marek - Producing Director, Fairfield Theatre Company
Carole Schweid - Artistic Director, JIB Productions

Last Year's Competition Results 


We are excited about the 2nd Annual Havemeyer Playwright Competition.  We were pleased last year to have so many talented people involved in the competition and to get the notoriety of having the winning playwright mentioned in The New York Times.  Our cast of outstanding professionals, including both Broadway and Hollywood Film Actors, brought the playwrights' words to life in an outstanding way.

Q.  Why do you have a $10 fee?
A.   The Havemeyer Playwright Competition does not receive any local or federal funding and the nominal submission fee received goes directly to covering the expenses of the event. The cost to produce the event includes rehearsal space, rental fee for the venue, props, costumes, set pieces, PR, programs, etc.  While the evening is a staged reading, the emphasis is on fully staging the plays.

There are many playwright festivals that do not charge a submission fee. However, most of these events require the playwright to "produce" his or her own play.  This typically means the playwright has to hire a director, actors, a technical crew and rent rehearsal space. This is often very expensive and usually causes an out-of-state playwright to miss out on the opportunity. We want to give playwrights an opportunity to have their plays performed without any additional cost or effort to the playwright.

Q.  If I become a finalist do I need to be present to win?
A.   No, not at all.  We have had submissions from all over the country, Canada, Sweden and Mexico so we understand that not every playwright may be able to attend!  (It is an exciting evening so we do hope you come if you can!)

Q.  Why did you choose 12 minutes?
A.  We chose a 12 minute format to allow more playwrights to gain access to having their work performed. The playwright is the heart of the theater, so in recognition we created this event to allow more unpublished voices to be heard.

Q. Does the audience vote on the winner?
A. No, the winners are based on the decisions of the distinguished panel of judges. We did not want the winner to be based on who brings in the largest audience. (This is often how festivals without fees look to cover their expenses.)

Q. Why are you so detailed with the submission requirements?
A.  It actually helps level the playing field.  With everyone submitting their work in the same format and font then it is all about the work. (And with so many submissions it is easier on the readers' eyes, too!)

Q.  Does the winner receive a prize?
A. Yes! $50 and a beautiful, exclusively designed crystal award from Baccarat! (In addition, we send out post-show press releases that include details about the winner.)

Only those playwrights selected as finalists are notified. No scripts are returned and no entry fees will be refunded. The Acting Company of Greenwich reserves the right to produce or perform the submitted play at the complete creative discretion of the director. No royalties will be paid to the playwright. 

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